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About us

In 2010 to 2011 LNK LLC implemented a project of degassing Ukraine's biggest active solid waste landfill (MSWL) No. 5, located in the Obukhiv district of Kyiv region. Degassing system of the part of the first card at MSWL No. 5, consisting of 42 wells, allows generating 21,000 kWh of electricity per day at a flow of about 480 cubic meters of biogas / h and an average methane content of 53 vol. %. The second stage of this project has begun and will increase the power output by 1063 kW, bringing it up to 46,752 kWh per day.

LNK LLC is licensed by NERC and holds membership of the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine (Treaty of 13.06.2012 No. 8662/04), has acquired the status of "green" electricity producer (picture), and has a 81.5 kop./KWh tariff for the electricity generated (picture). Landfill biogas is recognized as an alternative fuel by the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine.In addition, the joint implementation project on the sale of emission reduction units within Ukraine's commitments under the Kyoto Protocol is nearing completion. The letter of support from the State Agency for Environmental Investments was received 24.11.2011. Cumulative accounting of the recovered methane is registered by a broker firm.

Practical and theoretical experience possessed by LNK LLC allows for its confident implementation at other landfills.

Construction of a similar complex near Boryspil for landfill degassing and electricity generation from biogas obtained is at the completion stage.

Theoretical calculation of biogas emissions at Ukraine's landfills is performed according to the algorithm and formulas specifically designed for Ukrainian landfills by the Environmental Protection Agency (United States) under the EPA LOMP programme. This technique is widely recognized and applied to preliminary calculations of biogas collection efficiency at landfills.

The main parameter to assess the feasibility and efficiency of utilization is reduced emissions of methane contained in MSW landfills. Reducing methane emissions is envisaged in "the Kyoto Protocol" adopted by the UN Framework Convention and signed by Ukraine. Methane's impact on creating "the greenhouse effect" is 21 times more than that of carbon dioxide.

LNK LLC is interested in the implementation of landfill degassing technology and utilization of resulting biogas not by its irrational burning in flares, but rather by electricity generation. This advanced technology allows solving an important environmental problem, alongside supplying electricity to the energy market of Ukraine. Fire hazard at landfills is significantly reduced. This will also create additional jobs and increase tax revenues to local and regional budgets.